Drinks on Monday?

I’m not usually one for drinking on a week day but I yesterday I think I was right to bend the rules a little, and that’s because I decided to accept an offer for a masters placement!!! 😀 Celebration time!!! And it was double celebration time because my long time best friend is also going to be doing a masters!!!! OMG YASSSSSSSS!!!!

So of course we had to celebrate, now usually we would go straight to the wine. (Red wine for me please)  But yesterday we branched out a little.  Started off with some gin and tonic (and we were so ladylike drinking it through straws 😛 ), I should point out it was the afternoon when we started drinking, eeeeeek!!  After that we went on to a rum and coke, now I’ve had these before (introduced to them one Christmas ). We then decided to try some caramel flavoured Baileys, oooooo now that was very nice, quite sweet but it went down really well and so smooth. And to finish off we had some brandy and lovage cordial (Had this before a while back,not entirely sure what lovage is, but it said to put it with brandy, so we did!) We kept to one glass of each , so we didn’t get to plastered!!

Pheww, what I afternoon/evening, discussing are plans for the upcoming studies. When we can visit each other, sorting out little bits and bobs, its gonna be fun!! But whilst we’re away doing are own things I’m gonna miss our baking and drinking sessions!! Now we don’t get completely smashed whilst baking, (Got to alert for that cooker!!) but we do have a little glass of something.

🙂 xx


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